Friday, September 19, 2014

Buzz Aldrin and The Planets

Doctor Who - Christmas Special Guest Stars Confirmed

The BBC have released a photo that confirms who will be guest starring in this years Christmas Special.  I'm sure the names will be familiar to you as one of them's father was The Doctor at one time.  Filming has begun on this years special which will air on December 25th (hopefully).

Doctor Who - Radio Times Time Heist Poster

This weeks Radio Times Doctor Who poster reminds me of a spy novel book from the 50's or something James Bondish.  Time Heist airs this Saturday on BBC One, BBC America and Space.

Doctor Who - Time Heist Preview Clip Number Two

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Millennium Falcon!!! Star Wars VII

and the Tumbler??

Doctor Who - Preview Clip For Time Heist

Doctor Who - Introduction To Time Heist

Doctor Who - Kill The Moon Official Synopsis

The BBC have released the synopsis for Kill The Moon which will air on October 4th and is the 7th episode of Series 8.  No time has been announced but if you go by the Radio Times article yesterday it will most likely be at 8:30 on BBC One and 9PM on BBC America.

In the near future, the Doctor and Clara find themselves on a space shuttle making a suicide mission to the Moon.
Crash-landing on the lunar surface, they find a mining base full of corpses, vicious spider-like creatures poised to attack, and a terrible dilemma.
When Clara turns to the Doctor for help, she gets the shock of her life.

Arrow Season Three Poster

The CW have released the season three cast poster for Arrow.  It is the typical one they have done before except Roy is in his Arsenal gear.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Doctor Who Moving To Later Regular Time Slot

The BBC have decided to move Doctor Who from 7:30 PM to the later time of 8:30 PM.  This was the plan all along once Strictly Come Dancing returns.   The time change will happen on September 27th and will remain the time slot till the end of Series 8.  Here is what a BBC Insider had to say.

“It’s always been the plan for this series of Doctor Who to follow Strictly, once Strictly started, in the same way that Atlantis and previously Merlin did, as this series is on air in the autumn,”

This will be the latest the show has been aired and Doctor Who has been creeping away over time from its Saturday tea time slot where families generally watch it and mainly the younger kids.  The BBC had this to say.

"Viewing levels are still high at that time amongst young audiences and children and Doctor Who has always generated very high levels of recorded playback and iPlayer viewing so lots of children and families already choose a time that suits them over the days that follow."

So whether you like it or not Doctor Who will be on later in the UK a half hour earlier than when it is shown in the US and Canada who both air Doctor Who at 9PM on Saturday night.

Source: Radio Times

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE—Welcome to Fandemonium‏


The second arc of Gillen and McKelvie’s hit series
will arrive in time to shake up your December

“A glorious new comic series about death, creativity and pop.” —Pitchfork 

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE, the white-hot new series by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie about gods being briefly reincarnated as pop stars before dying, drew crowds of worshippers and is heading into a thrilling new story arc that will leave fans shocked and breathless. With each issue of the first arc flying off the shelves at record speed, this new story arc promises an even higher degree of electrifying story this December.

The Faust Act is over. Welcome to Fandemonium. The second arc of THE WICKED + THE DIVINE begins with issue #6 in its traditional manner (i.e. a ludicrous pun) and something like “nothing will ever be the same again.” But if you think about it, you can say that about literally everything, ever. Also, some comic story. Probably.

HARBINGER: FAITH #0 Flies High with Joshua Dysart and Robert Gill in December!‏

Valiant is proud to announce HARBINGER: FAITH #0 – a brand new one-shot exploration of Valiant's high-flying teenage Renegade and Unity's newest team member!

Coming in December from New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (Harbinger, Harbinger Wars) and rising star Robert Gill (Armor Hunters: Harbinger), start reading here to discover how Harbinger's high-spirited teenage fangirl went from the heart and soul of Peter Stanchek's teenage Renegades to the newest member of the world's most elite super-team – UNITY!

As Faith recuperates from the events of Armor Hunters: Harbinger, jump on board and discover the complete, never-before-revealed tale of her origin – just as she steps into the limelight for a brand new story arc beginning in November's UNITY #12!


ALIEN VS. PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE #1 | Christopher Sebela | Ariel Olivetti

As the mercenary crew of the Perses leave the horror of LV-223 behind them, one passenger reveals a terrible new danger, and the crew soon find themselves in a deadly struggle between predator and prey!

* The Prometheus crossover event heats up!

* Written by the acclaimed Christopher Sebela (Dead Letters, Ghost)!

* Art by Ariel Olivetti (Cable, Conan and the People of the Black Circle)!

ALIENS VS. PREDTOR: FIRE AND STONE #1 is on sale October 8th.