Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Battle of the Doctor Who Producers - Part Two - Characters

Russell T. Davies Vs Steven Moffat - Battle of the Doctor Who Producers

Part 2 - Characters

By Ken Parker

See part one

In comparing the two producers, one element that seems obvious to look at is characters and of course, the Doctor. Russell. T. Davies and Steven Moffat each have had two Doctors (unless you count Moffat's screwing up the regeneration count with the War Doctor.) This is hard to compare the two because people have their own favorite Doctors. Just because I liked one particular Doctor doesn't mean this makes the producer better but it does point to a direction of sorts and I have included some quick examples and opinion.

Doctor Who - Cover and Synopsis For 12th Doctor Issue 8

Here are the details and covers for Aprils 12th Doctor comic book.  If you haven't been reading it you should as the comic book has been pretty good.

Writer: Robbie Morrison
Artist: Brian Williamson

New Comic Book Day For January 28th


* Colder: Bad Seed 4
* Conan: The Avenger 10
* Conan:TPB: Savage Sword of Conan 18
* EC Archives:THC: 4-Vault of Horror
* Eerie:THC: Archives 18
* Elfquest: Final Quest 7
* Eye of Newt:TTHC:
* Fathers Day 4
* Halo: Escalation 14
* Mind MGMT 30
* Predator: Fire And Stone 4
* Sundowners 6
* Tomb Raider 12


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Doctor Who - Ninth Doctor Number 2 Comic Book Cover and Synopsis

The new Titans 9th Doctor comic book synopsis and covers for the second issue which comes out in April.  Issue comes out in March so make sure you reserve your copy.

Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Blair Shedd
32pp – FC - $3.99
On sale: 04/08/2015

Don’t miss the second thrilling installment of Weapons Of Past Destruction – an all-new miniseries adventure featuring the Ninth Doctor – as played by Christopher Eccleston – along with companions Rose and Jack!

Monday, January 26, 2015

David Tennant Enters the Marvel Universe in A.K.A Jessica Jones

David Tennant (Doctor 10) will be playing the villain, The Purple Man in Netflix's upcoming A.K.A Jessica Jones.  The series will be 13 episodes long and debut on Netflix later this year.  Starring Krysten Ritter (Veronica Mars) as Jessica Jones, the series follows an ex-super hero turned detective dealing with other people with super powers.

Friday, January 23, 2015

CBS Casts Supergirl

CBS is working a Supergirl TV series which will be handled by Greg Berlanti (Arrow).  The series will follow Kara Zor-El she starts to use her superpowers on Earth.  Melissa Benoist will play Kara.  Melissa is known for her part on the TV series Glee.

Supergirl is planned for Fall 2015

X-Men - Apocalypse Cast Announced

Some of the cast for the next X-Men movie, X-Men Apocalypse has been announced.  Alexandra Shipp (Drumline - A New Beat)  will play a young Storm.  Tye Sheridan (The Tree of Life) will play the young Cyclops and Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones) will play a young Jean Grey.

X-Men Apocalypse is scheduled for May 27, 2016

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Battle of the Doctor Who Producers - Part One - Stories and Writing

Russell T. Davies Vs Steven Moffat - Battle of the Doctor Who Producers

Part 1 - Stories & Writing

By Ken Parker

The moment Russell T. Davies announced he would be stepping down as executive producer for Doctor Who I planned on writing this article. I was ready to happily compare Steven Moffat's take on Doctor Who compared to Russell's view of the TV show. I knew without a doubt that Steven Moffat would run the table and be better at the job than Russell T. Davies.

Having been an American fan of Doctor Who since the late 70's, I was eagerly awaiting the return of the series in 2005 but the show did not meet my expectations. Numerous things, in my mind, made the show inferior to the classic series and I felt that Davies was responsible for much of the problem. I did feel that the show had some good points and it struggled to keep a constant quality product. One of the highlights from the first few years was episodes written by Steven Moffat and so when it was announced that he was taking over from 
Davies, I was ecstatic.

Both have produced around the same number of stories as of right now, 2015 and so comparisons between the two seem fair now. In order to have an actual comparison I will look at several elements of the Doctor Who series and determine who might have done a better job at providing a quality product. Obviously, my stance on Doctor Who is not all positive. This opinion that I express is just that, an opinion but it is based on comparison to the original series and story telling in general as well as my own agendas and experiences with Doctor Who over the years. I am no expert and welcome discussion on this.

Doctor Who -The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Vol 2 Cover and Synopsis Released

The second volume of Bernice Summerfield Adventures starring Lisa Bowermen will be released in June and like the first series it will be a 4 disc set and will costar Sophie Aldred as Ace and Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor.  This time it sees the return of Sutekh who was last seen in the Tom Baker story The Pyramid of Mars.  The synopsis for the adventure is below.

1) The Pyramid Of Sutekh

Professor Bernice Summerfield, archaeologist and adventurer, has discovered a Pyramid on Mars. Inside she finds her old friend the Doctor is fighting a battle with the Osiran God Sutekh. One he is losing.

2) The Vaults Of Osiris

Egypt in 2015 is an unsettled place. The trade in stolen antiquities is a murky one, and it's about to get a whole lot worse, as an ancient and terrible force enters the market.

3) The Eye Of Horus

Ancient Egypt is enjoying a golden age - peace, prosperity and a powerful Pharaoh. But something is moving through the sands. A forgotten god requests an invite to the feast.

4) The Tears Of Isis

Russell Courtland prophesied the world would end on Tuesday. No-one was more suprised than he was when it did.

The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield - Volume 2: The Triumph of Sutekh is out in June. Watch this space for trailers and further news!

IVAR, TIMEWALKER #1 | THE VALIANT #2 – On Sale January 21st!‏

From the New York Times best-selling team of Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry comes a centuries-spanning race against the clock, straight out of the pages of ARCHER & ARMSTRONG!

Prehistoric empires! Dystopian futures! And everywhere in between! The past, present, and future of our universe are about to meet an untimely end, and only the mysterious Ivar Anni-Padda can prevent all three from collapsing in on themselves. Unstuck in time, and pursued by enemies simultaneously across every moment of his time-lost life, can the man called Timewalker save everything that ever was, is, and will be? Get ready for a clock-stopping odyssey into the distant past and far future as the most unlikely Valiant hero of all leaps into his first history-ripping adventure!

THE TITHE—A heist story unlike any before‏

New Top Cow series will steal readers’ hearts

Writer Matt Hawkins (THINK TANK, TALES OF HONOR) and artist Rahsan Ekedal team up for an all new thriller suspense series—THE TITHE—coming from Top Cow this April.

In THE TITHE, mega-churches are being robbed for millions of dollars by a crusader hacker group known as Samaritan who is giving the money to causes they deem more worthy. This modern day “Robin Hood” is being pursued by two FBI agents who actually admire their quarry but want to stop the theft before it escalates.


marks the final chapter to the popular series

Justin Jordan (SPREAD, LUTHER STRODE) and Tradd Moore (LUTHER STRODE, All New Ghost Rider) reunite for LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE, the final chapter in the popular LUTHER STRODE trilogy, set to launch from Image Comics on April 1.

For five years, Luther Strode and Petra have been on the run. Now the time for running is over, and the Murder Cult is going down. The road to Cain starts here in the double-sized debut of LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE #1.


MILWAUKIE, OR—In September 2015, Dark Horse Comics will take readers on a road trip of horrific nightmares in small-town America—kept at bay by one man in junkyard armor.

Adapted from the hit Panini series Highway to Hell, Hellbound follows the exploits of two disgraced FBI agents sent to investigate gruesome murders along the highway, but there’s much more to the case than a garden-variety serial killer.

New Comic Book Checklist For January 21st

Abe Sapien:TPB: 5-Sacred Places
BPRD: Hell on Earth (Part 18) 127
BPRD: Plague of Frogs:TPB: 2
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer: Season 10: 11
Conan: King Conan:TPB: 4-Conquerer
Dark Horse Presents (2014) 6
Elfquest: 1 for $1
Groo: Friends And Foes 1
Legend of Korra:HC: Art of the Animated Series: Book 3-Change
Robert E Howards Savage Sword:TPB: 2
Strain: Night Eternal 5
Victories:TPB: 4-Meta Human

Aquaman And the Others:TPB: 1-Legacy Of Gold

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The X-Files Returning to Fox??

You don't generally see a network wanting a show back after so many years but Fox would love to see a X-Files revival with Chris Carter at the helm and starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny .  The show has been off the air for over 12 years and the show's stars are busy on other projects but perhaps something will happen.  The second movie was on 7 years ago but there has been no movement on that end either.

I was a fan of The X-Files for years but in my opinion the show went downhill quickly and not just because the main stars left the show.  The series ran out of ideas and revisited the conspiracy ideal too many times.  I stopped caring about every aspect of the series.  If the show came back I would love to see it return to the case of the week with perhaps different conspiracies rather than the alien abduction, government, black goo, clones, etc story arc.

One would have to wonder in what format the show would come back and a limited episode run would seem most likely rather than a full season.  It is also possible that Duchovny and Anderson would be there to introduce two new leads who would then head up a new series.  That would be great except it sort of had been done before and didn't work that well.